The Idea

The storytelling is a great way to inspire and be inspired. Although we are different we are the same as well – which let us learn a lot from each other

I realized that all my best friends are good storytellers. That all I learned from them – were either from doing together or sharing about how it going… Those moments are precious but very rare – we are very busy with different tasks to synchronize our efforts in the search for the deep calm slow conversation.

We can be more intentional and we can be more open. Does it matter how long do we know a person? I had great conversations with strangers. Some of them are my friends now – because that was how I recognized them. I’d be happy to find new, wouldn’t you?

We need the 4 forces to move us

  • PEOPLE and TRUST – we want to see new faces and we want to trust them. We think that 15 people is a great number to pay attention to everyone who needs it
  • TEMPLATE and TIME – we want to be efficient and use the proven logic while designing our own.
  • TOPIC AND COURAGE – stories like the memories, inspiration likes the moment.
  • TIME AND PLACE – synchronisation is our main challenge