First meeting

Time to start the conversation

Warm welcome to the beginning of the story

Welcome, me dear visitor! I don’t know who you are and did of happen that you are here but I waited for you. It’s been quite a time since the the idea of family-driven storytelling practice has appeared and grown. I presented that to many people and you know what?

It is not very obvious and simple to explain yet. Many are curious, many are supporting but most of them quite sceptical – I understand, why… Whardly can find time for simple, daily routine – because we still have dreams to find a piece of time for our inner self to sit in silence. Real SILENCE with no guilt for what should be done /refined /approved/ answered.

Real silence is a treasure. I hope, this kind of adventure – asking yourself a very hard and exciting question – what are my stories, this kind of question is so powerful that for the moment all the noise and hustle of day will calm down.

Then we can listen to the answers from inside.